An Update

To the few of you who have been following, I’ve recently switched gears to focus on my work portfolio. It is a temporary shift and one I hope doesn’t take too long. This project is still important to me and I will resume working on the project as soon I’m done. Thanks for your understanding.

‘Pretty’ Distracted

Hi Folks! I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting battle implemented. A large portion of the mechanics now work; joining battle, the AP bar and the action menu being a few. I’d love to show you some screenshots, but some of the assets are placeholder from licenced games. Soon enough. I’ve also been working with … Read more

Off to Battle

Hello folks, I haven’t written lately because everything I’ve been working on has been on the backend; setting up the foundations for battle. Companions are pretty much implemented, although there might still be a few bugs to work out. For this feature, I’ll be happy if I can get a basic battle loop implemented with: … Read more

Companions Progress 2

I didn’t have a lot of time today, but I got some of the companion bugs out of the way. Player and companion party members can also now move between maps and zones. On top of this, parties now support changing between modes of travel (walking, ship, airship, etc…). When it’s time, those features will … Read more

Companions Progress

A large hurdle during this project is figuring out how to balance an MMO where the party can vary from 1 to 4 players. A kind soul on reddit gave me the idea of “requiring” a full party at all times, and so, the idea of companions was born. Companions are AI controlled party members … Read more

A Fresh Start

Last year I took on the task of developing this game. I had started with the Phaser framework and after hitting a dead end and requiring a more custom solution, rewrote the game using the PixiJS Creation Engine. There are still some features I need to implement from the old game, but I have also … Read more