‘Pretty’ Distracted

Hi Folks!

I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting battle implemented. A large portion of the mechanics now work; joining battle, the AP bar and the action menu being a few. I’d love to show you some screenshots, but some of the assets are placeholder from licenced games. Soon enough.

I’ve also been working with an artist which caused me to switch focus to the cosmetics system and menu. This was a lot more work than I was expecting as the technical requirements kept changing. Fortunately, my artist was very accomodating and we got things sorted.

The cosmetic system allows the player to choose:

  • Eye, skin and hair color
  • A primary and secondary color for outfits
  • A head and a body cosmetic

Once a color/dye or outfit piece has been aquired, it is stored in your cosmetic database and can be equipped at any time. Let me know what you think about it!

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